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Can’t find the right person to sell your wholesale diamonds in Commerce City?

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Why sell wholesale diamonds?

You might not be a diamond specialist, but if you have several natural diamonds, you are a lucky person. This is a great investment that can give you handsome, inflation-adjusted returns. But diamonds are not just a commodity, they are a unique possession that can give you a lot. Each diamond has its own intrinsic value. This depends on the diamond’s 4C characteristics and GIA/IGI certifications. Each diamond will sell at a different price, based on the market movements, its 4C characteristics, and its current physical condition.

Can’t find the right place to sell your wholesale diamonds in Commerce City?

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Can’t Find The Right Place To Sell Your Wholesale Diamonds In Commerce City?
How To Sell Wholesale Diamonds?

How to sell wholesale diamonds?

You can sell your wholesale diamonds in Commerce City at a certified pawnshop, coin shop, or jeweler. However, it isn’t as simple as it seems. First, you have to get your diamonds appraised by a certified diamond appraiser. He will give you a report stating the value of your diamonds. In addition to this, you will need to have each diamond’s GIA/IGI certifications stating their 4C characteristics. Once you have all the documentation in place, you can then proceed to sell your diamonds to a local certified jeweler.

What not to do when selling diamonds

Do your homework– You have all your documents in place- each diamond’s sales receipts, appraisal certifications, and GIA/IGI certificates. Ask around or go online to know what other people in your place have done, how much they got, and where they sold their diamonds. This is crucial to know how much you can expect. 

Don’t be naive- Do not just barge into a jewelry shop and demand a certain amount from the jeweler. This could lead to 2 situations- you could be conned or you might leave without a deal. See this as a transaction and do not let your emotions get hold of you.

What Not To Do When Selling Diamonds
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