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Buying wholesale

The more you buy, the cheaper you get- this is common knowledge that applies here too. If you plan to propose to your ladylove, buying wholesale diamonds in Cherry Hills Village can be a great option. Yes, an engagement ring will require only a single or at the most 4-5 diamonds. You can buy more and get an earring, necklace, pendant, or bracelet made that you can gift her later. What’s more, this turns out cheaper too.
Buying Wholesale
Get a great discount on buying in bulk
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Get A Great Discount On Buying In Bulk
What To Check

What to check

Each diamond is unique- no two diamonds have the same color, clarity, cut, or imperfections. It is for this very reason you should ask for each diamond’s GIA/IGI certifications. In addition to this, each diamond should have an ethically sourced certificate. Before swiping your credit card, physically check the diamonds under a lens to ensure it is not chipped away; a number engraved on it indicates it is genuine and the certifications for the same are genuine too.

Where to buy wholesale diamonds?

Wholesale diamonds are available for purchase at any certified jeweler or diamond broker. Check the broker’s/jeweler’s reviews before you engage with him. Here at Denver Diamond Source, we help you buy wholesale diamonds at a price that you are comfortable with. You need not be a millionaire to buy diamonds at wholesale rates, we have an option where you can buy lab-grown diamonds at a much cheaper price. This is ideal if you are on a budget and are looking to buy diamonds to make your loved one an engagement ring or any other diamond ornament. Getting a custom diamond ornament is now super simple and affordable with Denver Diamond Source.
Where To Buy Wholesale Diamonds?
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