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Who said men’s wedding bands should not be fashionable? Gone are the days when men’s wedding bands were bought as a mere formality with a design similar to those of women’s wedding bands. These days, it is customary for men to have a wedding band that looks awesome and stylish.

The wedding ring doesn’t need to be made in the same metal as the woman’s- you can get one customized in a metal that suits you. You can get men’s wedding rings made in metals like tungsten, meteorite, cobalt, or even ceramic.

In this post, we’ll see how you can use these offbeat metals to get yourself a unique customized wedding band.

How to choose the perfect wedding band for men

To use offbeat metals, first, you have to choose a design representing you and your personality. Here are six things you should think about before finalizing your perfect wedding band.

Do you want to match it with your to-be wife's ring?

The first thing you got to decide is whether you want your ring to match your soon-to-be wife’s. Generally, most couples prefer having matching rings to denote their commitment towards each other. 

Nowadays, couples do not feel the need to have the same design- there are other elements you can add to the wedding band that symbolizes love and commitment. This could include engraving a date, fingerprint, or anything else that matters to both of you.

How do you want it to represent your personal style?

You and your to-be-wife have their individual styles. Your wedding bands can represent that. They can also represent the love and commitment of your relationship. For many couples, this means having a similar designed set of wedding bands. What you can also do is have unique wedding bands while having one component in them that matters to both of you. For example, you could have an engraving of your partner’s fingerprint on your wedding band but with a design and metal of your choice.

What should it be made of?

It isn’t necessary to have your wedding band made of either gold or silver. There are so many options you have for getting your wedding band made. Trends may come and go, there are so many ways you can get a unique wedding band made. Let’s see which materials we can use-

Precious stones- If you want a unique and stylish wedding band, you can choose from diamonds, rubies, emeralds and other precious stones to be added to the wedding band. Though the setting of the precious stone will be a little different for you, you can use the same diamond shape for both your wedding bands. Anyways, the sparkle of diamonds can give you loads of compliments for your wedding band.

Precious metals– If you want to play safe and go with conventional designs, you can choose-

  • Gold (rose, yellow, white)- Being a soft metal, gold can be shaped in any form. It wears down quickly and needs little maintenance. This is ideal for those who want to have large budgets.
  • Silver- It is a little softer than gold and is gaining in popularity. Purer silver or “Sterling Silver” as it is known, can contrast well with your partner’s gold wedding band.
  • Platinum- Known to last a lifetime, platinum is suited for those who can afford to loosen their strings the most. It has a pleasant natural look that helps you get noticed everywhere.

Modern metals- These are metals that have recently gained popularity. Each has a similar appearance and is made of new-age materials like carbon fiber, tungsten, cobalt, and even steel. Getting a customized diamond wedding band for men made with these metals can help you stand out from the crowd.

Choosing the width of the ring- Most wedding bands for men are between 4-8mm wide. The ring’s width depends on your design and personal choice. Consult your jeweler who will help you choose the right width of the ring based on the design and the contours of your hand.

Choosing the size of the ring- Here too, you will need to consult your jeweler. The wedding band should be stable and not move around on the finger, it should not feel loose. Your jeweler would be able to choose a size that suits you perfectly.

Ensure your ring is within your budget- You and your better half should work with your jeweler to see how you can customize your ring just according to your budget. Do not go overboard with the design, it should look simple yet elegant. Do not choose a design too over-the-top, it could lead to negative comments from various sources.

Wrap Up

Most of the time, a wedding band is a last-minute purchase. Instead, this should be done when the wedding date is set. Experts recommend customizing your wedding band, if you have less time, you can buy a pair off-the-shelf. Do give your jeweler at least a month to get your customized wedding band made.

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