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For any woman, custom jewelry with beautifully set gemstones of her favorite color is a dream come true. It is such intricate pieces of art she adores and loves to wear.

Precious and semi-precious gemstones come in all sizes and colors. Some believe in its therapeutic aura while for some it is the feel-good factor. And yes, there are gemstones based on the birth dates too.

Conventionally, diamond, ruby, emerald and sapphire are considered to be the “Big Four” gems. But today, there are thousands of different colored gemstones that are used in jewelry.

Whatever the reason, if you have decided to buy a perfect gemstone, we will help you in getting the best one.  

We present to you an ultimate guide to colored gemstones that will help you know about them and decide on the perfect one for you or your beloved one.

Blue Gemstones- Sapphire, Aquamarine

Considered to be one of the precious gemstones, Sapphire is a crystalline form of aluminum oxide. While blue sapphires are the most popular, it is found in yellow, orange and green shades too. For a blue sapphire, its purity is determined by its blue hue.

Another popular variety in sapphires is the star sapphires that display a star-shaped phenomenon under the light.

FACT: The world’s largest blue sapphire, The Star of Adam, was discovered in Sri Lanka in 2016 and weighs about 1400 carats. It is a star sapphire. 

Aquamarine gemstone is a beryl mineral tinted by impurities to get the blue hue. This stone is generally pale blue in color due to the ferrous ions.

FACT: Ancient Roman sea travelers carried aquamarine with them to give them energy and protect against any dangers. 

A sapphire solitaire set with diamonds at both the sides is the perfect ring to gift your beloved.

An aquamarine pendant with a bracelet is the best match when you have to go for an evening date.

Green Gemstones- Emerald, Peridot, Jade

Emerald, a green-colored gemstone, is mined in many countries of the world. One of the largest emeralds, the Bahia Emerald that originated from Brazil is approximately 1,700,000 carats.

The Colombian emeralds fetch premium rates in the market. Just like other gemstones, clarity, color and size are important when deciding the price for an emerald gemstone.

FACT: Vanadium emeralds are included in the definition of emerald in the US but are not recognized in the UK.

Though the color of Peridot is olive-green, some may vary from yellow-green to emerald-green. This colored gemstone is said to possess healing powers.

FACT: Meteorites may contain Peridots.

Jade, once considered the “Imperial Gem”, was widely used by the Chinese dynasties. It is an ornamental mineral and also occurs in white and yellow colors.

Emerald bracelets or pendants go fine with party gowns.

The jade bracelets are a fashion with western wear.

Yellow Gemstones- Citrine, Amber, Topaz

Citrine is the most popular pick when it comes to yellow-colored gemstones.

The color of yellow gemstones can vary from light yellow to reddish orange color.

FACT: The traces of iron present in citrine gives it vivid yellow colors.

Amber is a fossilized tree resin that is used as an antique gemstone as well as a healing agent. 

FACT: The oldest Amber recovered is around 320 million years old.   

A silicate mineral, Topaz is generally found in hues of golden brown and yellow. But Topaz is also counted as one of the different colored gemstones due to impurities and treatments in it.

FACT: The state gemstone of Texas state is Blue Topaz. 

One has to be really cautious when selecting the yellow to orange shade gemstones. Prefer a deeper shade because a lighter shade may tend to look like a pale white gemstone without its own distinct identity.

How about an intricately crafted citrine necklace and earrings that perfectly match your wedding gown?

Amber pendants and bracelets can be teamed up with casuals to lend it an earthy element.

Red Gemstones- Ruby, Garnet & Alexandrite

Ruby gemstone’s color varied from pink to blood red. It has been traded for ages and the most important reference is it going through the ancient Silk Route from China to the westward countries.

Rubies are one of the most expensive gemstones. The price for 1 carat Ruby can go up to $1,000,000.

FACT: The Old Testament of the Bible has the mention of the Ruby gemstone. 

Garnet is a silicate mineral. Do you know that it has been used as a gemstone for ornaments since the Bronze Age? Mint green garnets are rare and were discovered from the Merelani region of Tanzania. 

FACT: The name for Garnet is derived from the Latin word for seed, granatum which here possibly indicates the red shade of pomegranate seed. 

Alexandrite, discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia is a rare and expensive colored gemstone that becomes green in the day and red at night due to the light reflection.  

Rubies set along with diamonds are the most preferred when it comes to luxury jewelry collections.

Garnet drops or loops will be the perfect fit for your best friend’s wedding or baby shower.

Wrap Up

The colored gemstones add that extra glitz to your jewelry collection. Now that you know about the different colored gemstones, are you ready to go for your perfect pick?

Topaz, diamond, sapphire, jade, ruby- which is your pick of the perfect gemstone?

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