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A simple diamond engagement ring is too common. Brides these days want unique engagement rings that are sure to earn them loads of compliments. There are endless engagement rings designs available, many inspired by trends and celebrities. Finally choosing one can be a daunting prospect. 

These days, an increasing number of brides are looking for asymmetrical and offbeat designer engagement rings to stand out from the rest. These include rings with uncommon cuts, intricate designs, and designer diamond rings that are sure to grab attention. 

Whatever be your tastes, here are some of the unique engagement rings for women you can choose from-

Elaborate designer engagement rings

Sky’s the limit when it comes to the number of elaborate designs available on engagement rings. You can choose from vintage-inspired designs, nature-inspired designs, geometric designs, and much more.

Adding a little bit of color

For those of you who would prefer some color over a simple transparent wedding ring, there are many options to choose from. If you don’t mind loosening your purse strings, you can opt for colored diamonds as the centerpiece of your engagement ring. These come surrounded by smaller white diamonds. You could also choose from various types of gemstones that complement the diamonds in the ring.  

Rare colored diamonds are known to give a royal look, as we saw when Prince William proposed to then-commoner Kate Middleton.

Inspiration from heaven

Those of you who are obsessed with the stars can opt for a star or moon-shaped designer engagement ring. This unique engagement ring is sure to get you loads of compliments wherever you go. You can opt for an engagement ring with added features that remind you of heaven.

Irregular-shaped designs

Though round and square-shaped engagement rings will stand the test of time, many opt for irregular-shaped engagement rings. These unique rings come with various other gemstones and designs you can choose from. These rings are sure to give you loads of compliments.

Simplistic thicker rings

Traditionally, engagement rings consisted of a single diamond encrusted on a medium-sized band of gold or other metal. Nowadays, it’s quite trendy to have thicker banded rings encrusted with small diamonds.

Thin banded engagement rings

Just as there is a lot of interest in thick band engagement rings, there are many brides who look for the opposite. These came into the public spotlight a few years ago and have managed to stay there ever since. There have been innumerable posts on social media stating how these delicate bands with big diamonds look amazing on any bride. It helps them to stand out from the rest.

Elongated center stone rings

Having the centerpiece in shapes like oval, pear and emerald gives the impression of longer fingers. These fancy-shaped center stones are a hit online and are seeing renewed interest amongst new brides.

‘V’ shaped engagement rings

These engagement rings are for those women seeking an engagement ring that is unique and quirky. These rings are worn pointing down towards the fingertips. 

Floral designs- Women love it when they are gifted flowers. This sentiment is reflected with their engagement rings too- many women have received proposals with floral-designed engagement rings. This trend is fairly new, popularized by social media and celebrity role models.

Three stone engagement rings

These rings were popularized by Meghan Markle when Prince Harry proposed to her with an antique three stone engagement ring. There has been an intense discussion online on these trendy rings ever since. Brides across the world are taking an interest in these rings.

Summing it up

A fancy engagement ring gives brides bragging rights amongst her friends and relatives of the relationship she is about to begin. Uniquely designed rings can earn her great compliments from all quarters. 

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