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Men spend a considerable amount of effort to choose the right engagement ring for women They go to every level possible to get their loved one an engagement ring that will remind her of them and spend big bucks to make the entire proposal a memorable experience.

Once she accepts the proposal and a marriage date is set, one of the major purchases that the couple makes is a pair of wedding rings for men and women.

Earlier, wedding rings for men were simple bands of metal. Now, wedding rings come with designs that are not only trendy but also symbolize the love and commitment between the couple. Many wedding ring pairs also come with similar designs, as couples want matching wedding rings for each other.

In fact, men’s wedding ring designs have evolved such a lot that you will find wedding rings in as many designs, metals, and colors as engagement rings for women. Here are some of the latest men’s wedding ring trends in 2021 that you can choose from-

Gold wedding rings

Gold Wedding Rings

Gold is one metal that has a timeless charm. It has been used for centuries by our ancestors to depict authority, commitment, and many other virtues. This is because gold never rusts, effectively making gold rings immortal. However, pure gold cannot be used for any jewelry, as it is fragile and unsuitable for making jewelry. That’s why most jewelers use 22-carat or 18-carat gold, where some other metals are added to the gold for stability and durability.

Black diamond rings

Black Diamond Rings

Black diamonds’ give a masculine and classy appearance. A person with a black diamond ring always stands out, as this is a new trend that is yet to be adopted universally. If you want to stand in the limelight, a black diamond ring is what you need.

Platinum wedding rings

Platinum Wedding Rings

Popular with those who can afford it, platinum wedding rings or ‘white gold’ wedding rings symbolize status, power, and commitment. An increasing number of men and women are investing in platinum wedding rings which they can wear daily.

Domed tungsten wedding rings

Domed Tungsten Wedding Rings

Made popular in part with the Lord of the Rings franchise, domed tungsten wedding rings are long-lasting and scratch-resistant. As tungsten is denser than titanium or stainless steel, those who prefer chunky but minimalistic rings opt for domed tungsten wedding rings.

Dual-toned wedding rings

Dual-Toned Wedding Rings

Wedding bands made with 2 metals are a raging trend. These stylish rings are quite affordable and fashionable. These rings go well with any outfit.

Diamond studded wedding rings

Diamond Studded Wedding Rings

Why should men be left out when it comes to flaunting diamonds? These days, many couples opt to choose diamond-studded wedding bands with diamonds across the circumference of the rings. Usually, women’s wedding rings are narrower than men’s. Many couples prefer to etch their fingerprint or something dear to them on these rings. Some even come with colored diamonds or diamonds in various shapes.

Wooden wedding rings

Wooden Wedding Rings

These are simple wedding rings for those who desire non-metal wooden rings. Each wooden wedding ring is unique- couples can customize these according to their requirements. These rings do not cause any kind of allergies, they are eco-friendly and long-lasting. Some couples choose these rings when they have modest budgets. Wooden wedding rings aren’t that well-known; these are sure to give you loads of compliments.

Black cobalt wedding rings

Black Cobalt Wedding Rings

For those who prefer an unusual and minimalistic wedding ring, black cobalt wedding rings are a new trend that has been doing the rounds. Some of these rings come in two shades- black and silver. These rings come with cuts and designs for a classy look. Some even come with diamonds across their circumference.

How times have changed

Gone are the days when exchanging wedding bands was just a formality. These days, couples want the very best for their wedding- they want wedding bands that will help them remember their nuptials and commitment to each other at all times. For them, a wedding is not just a ceremony, it is an event that symbolizes the start of a relationship that will last till the day any one of them dies.

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