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Custom engagement rings have grown in popularity over the last decade. According to some statistics, over 45 percent of engagement ring designs for females sold today include at least some personalized component, and this figure is only anticipated to rise in the future.
Part of the reason for this gradual rise in popularity is that jewelry production technology has become more affordable. Previously, jewelers had to create and handcraft the whole item, but jewelry modeling software today allows even intricate designs to be manufactured in a short amount of time. This reduction in labor costs benefits both the manufacturer and the customer.
Getting engaged is one of the most significant milestones in a romantic relationship for many people — it signifies your love and devotion towards your partner, and is generally accompanied by lovely, sentimental words and promises. Most people imagine this moment with a few crucial elements: a meaningful setting, someone down on bended knee, and the presentation of a ring. However, there is no one cookie-cutter template that all bids must adhere to, which is fantastic. Each one is unique and should be personalized to make it unique to the pair. As an example, some couples choose to entirely create their rings – engagement rings or wedding bands. At Denver Diamond Source, you can buy a ring from the bold collection itself or can go with the custom engagement ring.
Here are some short advantages and disadvantages of selecting a customized engagement ring versus a pre-made ring:


Let’s face it: most engagement rings sold in stores aren’t all that “unique.” While shopping, you may come across a lovely solitaire or another classic ring, but they are unlikely to have a suitable ring for her. Many men seek out a bespoke jeweler because they want the flexibility to create a real one-of-a-kind item ring that reflects their personality and beliefs.
They may pick anything from the gem to the metal color to the entire design when working with a professional jewelry designer. Because most women desire something that complements their style and appearance, choosing a personalized ring is a key advantage.
With all of the extra details available nowadays, such as engravings, no two personalized rings will be identical. Many aspects you may not realize you can alter, add, or subtract: the number of prongs, band thickness, and even the size of the stone to a few decimal points. At the end of the day, you or your loved one will be wearing something that no one else has!

It can cost less

Working with a bespoke jeweler, believe it or not, can save you money. Of course, this depends on whatever studio you deal with and the details of your piece. But to an extent, it might cost you less.

You'll be a part of it

You will have a substantial influence on the final output. Working with a professional allows you to accept and disapprove of practically every detail of the ring, which is ideal if one or both of you have a distinct aesthetic in mind. Combine specific elements to create an excellent ring for your partner that you will cherish for life.

A personal touch

As previously said, personalization, particularly with engravings, is a very new and unique trend for wedding rings. Aside from embossing or engraving a few profound words on the ring, you may utilize the diamond from your grandmother’s ring, repurpose a meaningful necklace to construct the band, and more to give the piece a significance that no other piece of jewelry can equal.
Here are some cons of going for a custom design engagement ring:

You can't return it

One of the primary disadvantages of getting a personalized engagement ring is that you usually can’t return it if the proposal doesn’t go as planned or she doesn’t like the ring. This makes sense because a personalized engagement ring is made specifically for one individual and cannot be resold to another consumer.
If the proposal is canceled, the only way to retrieve part of the money is to sell the diamond or other jewel. If, on the other hand, you’re engaged but she doesn’t like the ring, there are always solutions. For example, if she wants a different gem, she may easily remove the present one and replace it with a new one. Similarly, if she adores the pricey diamond but would prefer it in a different setting, you may collaborate with your preferred jeweler to create a new design. And, because she helped you create the new style, she’ll be sure to like the finished outcome.

It might take a longer time

Making this type of band will most likely take longer than normal due to all of the add-ons and adjustments. It’s mostly a question of ordering and receiving with a basic ring, but with all of the labor done with a bespoke ring, don’t anticipate a quick turnaround.
Although a personalized engagement ring is a great option for the majority of couples searching for a one-of-a-kind and romantic ring, they are not for everyone. If you believe she would prefer a plain diamond solitaire with no decoration and want the option of returning the ring, then go for a ready-made ring. It is totally up to you and your partner.
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