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Are you about to sell your jewelry in Lakewood? With Denver Diamond Jewelry, you can rest assured of getting the right price.
Where To Sell Your Jewelry?

Where to sell your jewelry?

If you want to monetize your jewelry investments, you should always go to a registered coin shop, pawnshop, or jeweler. Here, they will examine the jewelry and ask for the relevant documentation, especially its appraisal certificate.
Based on this, they will calculate its value based on current market rates. The value will also depend on the purity of the precious metal and the precious stones. If the jeweler finds any damage to the jewelry, this could negatively affect the final price offered by the jeweler.
Looking to sell your jewelry?
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Looking To Sell Your Jewelry?

What to keep in mind when selling jewelry?

Firstly, ensure that you know its worth. You cannot just walk into a random jewelry shop and expect a price for your jewelry just by the look of it- there are chances you could be cheated or turned away. Instead, get to know the actual value by getting it appraised by a certified appraiser. Once this is done, you get a rough idea of your jewelry’s worth.
The price quoted by the jeweler would vary from that of the appraiser as it is based on current market rates. For every price quoted by the jeweler, understand why the price is what it is and then accept the price if everything is as per requirement. Do not let emotions cloud your judgment or expect unrealistic prices, this could harm the prospects of a good deal.
What To Keep In Mind When Selling Jewelry?
Why Sell To Denver Diamond Source?

Why sell to Denver Diamond Source?

Denver Diamond Source is one of the best places to sell your jewelry in Lakewood. Here, we have a team of expert gemologists under the guidance of graduate gemologist Mr. Bruce Chase that help to give you the best price for your precious jewelry. Getting the right price for your jewelry was never so easy.
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