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Looking to monetize your unused jewelry?

Sell your jewelry in Greenwood Village to Denver Diamond Source for the best rates.

What jewelry can be sold

Precious jewelry can have a lot of value. We are talking about gold jewelry, silver jewelry, platinum jewelry, and so on. Even if the jewelry is in a cheaper material, the precious stone embedded in it can get you a good value. This could be ruby, diamond, pearl, and many other precious and semi-precious stones.

What Jewelry Can Be Sold
Sell your jewelry in Greenwood Village for the best rates.

Expect a genuine and trustworthy service only at Denver Diamond Source.

Sell Your Jewelry In Greenwood Village For The Best Rates.
How To Sell

How to sell

If you are looking to liquidate your unused jewelry, you first have to get it appraised. Though there will be a nominal charge for this, you will get a rough idea of what to expect from your jewelry. 

Once this is done, take the report and jewelry along with any other documentation (purchase receipts, valuation report, etc.) to your jeweler for sale. The jeweler will examine the reports and the jewelry’s physical condition to give you a value he will pay for it.

We can understand, you may require money urgently- selling off your old jewelry can be painful. Do not just barge into a jewelry store and demand a certain sum of money for your jewelry, there are high chances you will be cheated of your money.

Why sell to Denver Diamond Source

With Denver Diamond Source, there is no chance of you being cheated of the money you deserve. Here, everyone who comes to sell jewelry goes with the right value for it. 

Our expert gemologists examine the jewelry in detail to give a value that is at par with current market rates. We don’t mean to brag, but there is practically no other place in Denver where you can sell your jewelry in Greenwood Village for a price that we offer.

Why Sell To Denver Diamond Source
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