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Sell your jewelry in Aurora for the most competitive rates.

Where should you sell your jewelry?

For the most competitive prices, you need to sell your jewelry to a registered jeweler. Although you can sell your jewelry at certified pawnshops or coin shops, a certified jeweler will be able to give you the best price for your unused jewelry.

Selling your jewelry should not be a challenging task, you just need to ensure you aren’t taken for a ride when you sell something so precious to you.

Where Should You Sell Your Jewelry?
Get the best price for your unused jewelry.

Sell your jewelry to Denver Diamond Source.

Get The Best Price For Your Unused Jewelry.
How NOT To Get Ripped

How NOT to get ripped

Firstly, you should know the exact worth of your diamond jewelry. For this, you need to get it appraised from a registered appraiser. This will give you a rough idea of its worth. You are sure to be ripped if you just walk into a jewelry store, present your jewelry, and ask how much they would pay for it.

When you go to the jeweler’s with the appraised jewelry report, you will be able to negotiate a much better deal than expected. The jeweler will quote a price based on current market rates while also keeping the appraisal report in mind. Ask the jeweler to justify his pricing- it is based on the condition of the jewelry, its demand in the market, and the individual values of the metals and diamonds in it. Once you are satisfied with this, you can go ahead and close the deal.

Why sell to Denver Diamond Source?

If you are planning to sell your jewelry in Aurora, Denver Diamond Source is a reputed jeweler that will give you the best price for it. Under the leadership of Mr. Bruce Chase, the professional team of qualified jewelry experts will help you get the best price for your unused jewelry.

Why Sell To Denver Diamond Source?
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