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Where To Sell Diamonds?

Where to sell diamonds?

Where do you go if you are looking to sell your diamonds in Lakewood? Buyers for these precious fixed assets aren’t so easy to come by. Ask around for certified diamond brokers or jewelers in your vicinity. These are the only people who will give you the right price.

Remember to take the sale receipt and all related documents with you when you visit the diamond broker/jeweler. A certified diamond broker will always ask for an appraisal report and each diamond’s IGI/GIA certifications to ensure it is ethically sourced and verified.

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What to look for in a diamond broker?

Firstly, the diamond broker should have the necessary certifications to practice as one. Check his certifications before taking things further. You also need to make sure he is honest with his work. He should quote a price that is realistic and in line with market prices. He should be able to help you get the right price for your diamonds. For this, he will examine each aspect of the diamond and let you know if anything is amiss which can affect the diamond’s final price. 

Lastly, he should be able to explain to you why he is quoting such a price based on various factors and local market demands. When you are satisfied with his reply, you can move forward to close the deal.

What To Look For In A Diamond Broker?
Why Sell Your Diamonds To Denver Diamond Source?

Why sell your diamonds to Denver Diamond Source?

Denver Diamond Source has an experienced team of master gemologists who know exactly what each diamond is worth. They will explain to you everything you need to know about your diamond. You can be sure of getting the right price for each diamond. Denver Diamond Source buys all kinds of diamonds, whether it is real or lab-grown, colorless or with fancy color and of different shapes.

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