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How to sell jewelry/diamonds in Denver?

There are many places where you can sell diamonds in Denver- pawn shops, coin shops, and others. But the best place to get it done is at a jeweler. Before you do so, you have to get your diamonds and jewelry appraised by a certified appraiser. He will value your jewelry according to the current market rates for a small fee of about $150-$350/hour. The fee depends on your jewelry- a diamond ring may take an hour or two while a diamond and precious stones-studded gold necklace would take a few days. Once you have a report from the appraiser, you will get a rough idea of how much you can expect from its sale.

3 Things you need to know before selling your jewelry in Denver

Ensure it is appraised

You should have an idea of how much your precious jewelry is worth. You cannot blindly trust the jeweler to give you a fair price. If you do so, there are high chances of you getting cheated. Instead, get it appraised by a certified appraiser who will help you to know its exact worth.

Be realistic

Do not expect to get-rich-quick by selling your jewelry. That vintage diamond ring given by granny could be worth thousands of dollars or practically nothing- it can go any way. The diamond may be real but the metal may be of a cheaper quality or vice versa.

Keep your emotions out of the transaction

You may be selling your prized possessions due to circumstances you cannot avoid, but this does not mean you should express your emotions at the wrong time. If you do so, there are high chances of you getting cheated of your money.

Sell Your Jewelry At A Fair Price, Always
Sell your jewelry at a fair price, always
Denver Diamond source’s expert professionals always provide the best value for your precious valuables.

Why sell jewelry to Denver Diamond Source?

Whether you are selling your engagement ring in Denver or any other jewelry, you can be sure you’ll get the right price with Denver Diamond Source. Our expert gemologist team led by Graduate Gemologist Mr. Bruce Chase will help you get the right price for your unwanted jewelry.
This expert team of appraisers and gemologists will examine the jewelry in detail and come up with a price that truly represents the value of your jewelry. It is best to sell your jewelry to experts as against bartering it for something at any pawnshop.
Why sell jewelry to Denver Diamond Source?