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How do I sell my jewelry?

If you have decided to sell your jewelry, you will first need to get it appraised by a certified appraiser. He will closely examine your diamond and precious metals-laden jewelry to understand its worth. This process generally takes up to a few days, depending on the jewelry- a single diamond ring will take only a few hours to get appraised while a diamond-encrusted necklace could take up to a few days.  

Once you have the appraisal report, you can take this and go to a jeweler to sell it as per market rates. However, the condition of the jewelry will also be taken into account while fixing a price. 

How Do I Sell My Jewelry?
 Don’t know where to sell your jewelry?

Your search ends here.

 Don’t Know Where To Sell Your Jewelry?
What Should I Keep In Mind?

What should I keep in mind?

Though some jewelers would accept jewelry without an appraisal report, you should always get one done to know its true worth. If you just walk into a jeweler’s shop and demand to be paid for the jewelry you have, there is a high chance of you getting cheated.  

You might be having a bad time financially, but selling your jewelry should always be seen as a transaction- do not get emotional in front of the jeweler as this can lead to you suffering losses or being cheated. Furthermore, do not set an unreasonably high price, this can lead to a refusal by the jeweler for sale.

Why sell jewelry to Denver Diamond Source?

Denver Diamond Source is a popular place to sell jewelry in Englewood. Under the watchful eye of master gemologist Mr. Bruce Chase, Denver Diamond Source’s team of highly experienced and qualified gemologists will help you get the right price for your jewelry. Denver Diamond Source accepts all kinds of jewelry- diamond rings, necklaces, earrings with precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum. 

Why Sell Jewelry To Denver Diamond Source?
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