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With Bruce’s invaluable gemological comprehension – along with what he has learned by buying, selling, and appraising jewelry – Bruce has a unique skill-set that he uses to provide his clients with the best customer experience and the highest quality product.

Every appointment made with Denver Diamond Source is with Bruce; whether you want to learn more about diamonds for an engagement ring design or reset a family emerald, Bruce is here to help you transform an idea to an exquisite piece of jewelry, without the designer markup.  Bruce will be with you during the whole process, to answer questions, brainstorm ideas, review designs, and finally deliver the perfect, one-of-a-kind piece of your dreams.

Denver Diamond Source

Our Story

Our Story

Bruce Chase first learned about diamonds from his father, a diamond dealer who worked with local boutiques all over the Midwest.  After learning the ropes of the workshop and the sales floor in Kansas City, Bruce moved to Santa Monica to study at the Gemological Institute of America and earn his Graduate Gemologist degree.  

By studying at the GIA, Bruce learned to think of diamonds and gemstones in a way he hadn’t before in traditional sales.  He began to see that an inclusion in a diamond or gold strands of rutile in an amethyst were not “undesirable”, but unique features formed by nature, like snowflakes or thumbprints. 

Whether you are shopping for your first piece of jewelry or planning a custom anniversary gift, we are here for you.  Design something truly personal with us in our Denver showroom.  We promise to be with you every step of the way, from idea to your own bespoke jewel.

After earning his Graduate Gemology degree, Bruce returned to Kansas City and started his own appraisal business. One of his repeat clients was a small chain of estate jewelry boutiques.  Bruce couldn’t help but notice the craftsmanship in vintage and antique pieces, all done by hand with the finest materials. 

Since then, along with maintaining his jewelry appraisal business, Bruce has worked all over the United States in well-known jewelry stores, from Moyer in Indianapolis to Smyth in Baltimore to Hyde Park in Denver, often as a diamond and bridal buyer as well as an appraiser.  

Bruce founded Denver Diamond Source to better facilitate a hands-on, custom jewelry making experience for both himself and his clients. With his expertise and over 40 years of jewelry industry experience, Bruce is an ideal guide when designing a custom piece.  As a Graduate Gemologist, he can answer all of your questions about gemstones, from how to recognize a diamond’s color and clarity to the importance of heat-treatment in a royal blue sapphire.  Bruce brings industry terms to life so that you are comfortable in making your decision.

Denver Diamond Source marries the best of traditional jewelry craftsmanship with new technology. Not only will you have the opportunity to view the CAD or CADs of the piece you’re making on our 55 inch flat-screen TV, but you can hold the wax mold printed for you in your hands. 

Once you’re happy with the design, your piece will be handmade to your specifications.  Bruce’s sharp, trained eye will double-and-triple-check that your jewelry is perfect, before presenting it to you in person.

Bruce’s insistence on high quality work and materials, his gemological knowledge, and his decades in the jewelry industry ensure that every piece he works on is exquisite.  Bruce values that he is with his clients for each point in the process, and he is honored by the trust placed in him to be your concierge jeweler.

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