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How do I determine the worth of my loose diamonds?

This depends on the current market value as well as the certifications of each of thediamonds. If anyone wants to purchase loose diamonds in Aurora, they will first check the certifications and the sales receipts of the diamonds to ensure it is ethically sourced. They would also want an appraisal report for each diamond. A certified appraiser will examine, test, and value the diamonds to know their true worth.
How Do I Determine The Worth Of My Loose Diamonds?
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Need To Monetize Your Loose Diamonds In Aurora?
How To Sell Loose Diamonds?

How to sell loose diamonds?

Unlike other commodities, each loose diamond has its distinct intrinsic value- no two genuine natural loose diamonds are the same. It is true that loose diamonds are a big asset for you, but their value depends on the quality of the cut and other features that
we have no control over. You can sell your loose diamonds as and when required, its price is determined by the current market rates and the quality of your natural loose diamonds. 

Whatever you do, do not approach a jeweler to sell your loose diamonds without proper documentation- you could either be cheated of your money or you may find yourself without a deal.

Why sell to Denver Diamond Source?

Mr. Bruce Chase, the master gemologist at Denver Diamond Source, has been at the forefront of helping countless people monetize their jewelry or diamonds as needed. Bruce brings with him more than 40 years of experience in the jewelry industry, he knows just how much each diamond will be worth in the current market situation.

You can be assured of getting the best price for your diamonds at Denver Diamond Source, Mr. Bruce will purchase your precious diamonds at a rate unmatched elsewhere.

Why Sell To Denver Diamond Source?
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