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What Are Diamond Pendants?

What are Diamond Pendants?

Pendants and diamonds have carried unique value for numerous societies throughout history. Diamond pendants are worn for more than their decorative worth; they also represent the wearer’s identity and social position. A diamond pendant is a necklace with a central diamond connected to a precious metal jewelry chain by a small loop. The term “pendant” is derived from the Old French “Pendre” and the Latin word “Pedere,” both of which imply “to hang down.” Diamond pendant necklaces are frequently presented as a sign of love, particularly eternal love.

Minimalist Designs: The Latest Trend

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Minimalist Designs: The Latest Trend

Types of Diamond Pendant

Solitaire Diamond Pendant: A solitaire pendant is an exquisite and timeless design. A stone is put at the end of the chain in a prong setting; often four prongs or six prongs are common. 

Floating Diamond Pendant: Floating pendants are similar to solitaire necklaces in that they generally consist of a single stone hung on a fine chain. The design is basic yet attractive, and it works well with all shapes of diamonds. 

Three-Stone Pendant: Three-stone diamond pendants are more apparent than floating pendants. It is set with three diamonds dangling from the chain, either beside each other or vertically in a drop form.

Types Of Diamond Pendant
Factors To Consider

Factors to consider

You must examine the chain – length, style, and material. Necklaces are available in 14K gold, 18K gold, and platinum. Platinum is more durable, but it is more expensive and is not always worth it. 14K and 18K gold chains are more durable, less expensive, and yet look lovely. Certification, cut, color, clarity, diamond shape are other factors to consider before buying a diamond pendant.

Apart from these factors, also consider her personal style. What kind of diamond pendants she wears generally, and either she loves minimalist style or decorative one. Consider her preferences. At Denver Diamond Source, you can also go for customized diamond pendants our experts will understand your needs and design accordingly.

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