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When considering purchasing a black diamond for yourself or someone you care about, it’s natural to question how the message will be received. People may think your decision is unusual and question why you would spend money on a dark stone. Alternatively, many may criticize your choice of a black diamond engagement ring for your partner. Unless, of course, your spouse is a fan of the hue.

We’ve developed this research on the meanings of black diamonds to help you determine whether a princess cut black diamond ring or one with a different-shaped stone is perfect for you.

History of Black Diamonds

In contrast, when most people think of diamonds in literature, they automatically think of colorless diamonds. Black diamonds, called carbonados by the Portuguese, are, nonetheless, the same mineral as all other hues of a diamond. Natural black diamonds originate in regions distinct from other types, most notably in central Africa and Brazil.

What are Black Diamonds?

Diamonds with a significant number of inclusions are known as black diamonds. Inclusions in a standard white or colorless diamond look like small dark spots, but at excessively high levels, the diamond appears entirely black. As a result, you have a black diamond.

As a result, it is a one-of-a-kind and extremely uncommon type of colored diamond. Black diamonds are distinct from other fancy colored diamonds in that these colored diamonds are often generated by chemical impurities present during the diamond’s formation. Black diamonds, on the other hand, are more akin to white diamonds than, say, yellow or blue diamonds.

Black Diamond's Engagement Ring

Black diamonds are an unusual choice for engagement rings, but if you get it off, you may demonstrate a distinct fashion sense combined with elegance.

A black diamond engagement ring has a black diamond in the center that is usually surrounded by smaller white diamonds! Outside of the standard color spectrum, black is called a “fancy” color diamond. It is a one-of-a-kind option for couples looking for a stylish, deco, or gothic engagement ring. Many black engagement rings have a strong following because of their distinct features and great price points.

Types of Black Diamonds

There are two sorts of black diamonds: natural black diamonds and diamonds that have been treated to become black. The first kind, diamonds with a natural black look, is much more precious and attractive, as it is with practically all gemstones.

Treated black diamonds are less precious than natural black diamonds. These are white diamonds with a lot of imperfections and fractures with a dismal grey look. These diamonds are almost worthless in their natural condition and are exclusively utilized for industrial reasons.

Heat, pressure, and irradiation treatments can be used to create a black color, resulting in a black diamond.

Natural black diamonds, on the other hand, acquire their color during the manufacturing process, with no external intervention. These, too, have many inclusions, but their inclusions form graphite clusters, giving the stone a black, metallic look.

Because natural black diamonds are formed organically, they are highly rare and consequently exceedingly precious – much more so than chemically treated black diamonds.

Black Diamond's Intensity Level

In contrast to most other colored diamonds, which are available in a variety of hues, black diamonds are only available in one color intensity: fancy black.

Other diamonds, such as fancy white and fancy red, have a single intensity grade, while the majority of other hues can have up to nine, ranging from faint to deep.

When selecting a black diamond engagement ring, loose black diamond, or other diamond jewelry, the 4Cs (cut, clarity, color, and carat) should all be considered. All of these qualities contribute significantly to the quality and attractiveness of a black diamond.

Even though beautiful black diamonds do not have normal color and clarity grading, it is crucial to ensure that the color is adequately saturated. When inspecting the stone with the naked eye, be sure there are no noticeable flaws. 

When selecting a black diamond wedding ring, you should also consider the form, which is mostly a matter of personal choice. Black diamonds, like other diamonds, come in a variety of forms, each with its distinct look. It’s also vital to think about the metal you’re going to choose for your black diamond jewelry. Because of its stunning, striking hue, black diamond pairs great with 14k white gold, platinum, and all other white metals.

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