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At Denver Diamond Source we are top in the industry when it comes to any type of jewelry appraisal. With over 40 years of experience in the diamond and jewelry industry, we set the industry standard with our quality service. If you want to find out what the true value is of your jewelry pieces, you came to the right place.


Why Should You Do Jewelry Appraisals?

Most of the time when you inherit jewelry from a loved one or receive something like a diamond ring as a gift, you don’t know what the real value of the jewelry piece is. This is where a jewelry appraisal comes in handy. By using an appraiser for jewelry, you can find out the true value of your jewelry pieces. Furthermore, this is merely one of the reasons to use a jewelry appraiser. There can be many other reasons to have one done. Most of the time people want certified jewelry appraisals done to sell it, for insurance, or for estate planning reasons. Usually, jewelry appraisal consists of details like the estimated diamond weight (in carats), color, clarity, and cut (the 4Cs of measuring a diamond’s value), the metal used, its purity, and its weight. At Denver Diamond Source, we can do appraisals on all kinds of jewelry for you; whether on diamonds, gemstones, gold, or metals.


3 Things you need to know before selling your jewelry.

Before we do a Jewelry appraisal for you, there are a few things you should know. 

It’s a simple process-

A jewelry appraisal is a much simpler process than you might think. Jewelry appraisals only value the worth of the jewelry, like a diamond or gemstone. It should not be seen as an intimidating or overwhelming process. The report is made for you and you alone. The jewelry appraiser is legally bound to ensure that the report is only made for your own eyes.

Three different types of appraisals

There is more than one type of appraisal for jewelry. The three types of jewelry appraisals include a jewelry appraisal for insurance purposes, called a replacement value appraisal; An appraisal for selling purposes called a fair market value appraisal; and an appraisal is done when you need to liquidate the jewelry due to divorce or estate liquidation, called a special liquidation appraisal.

Credentials of the appraiser

An authentic jewelry appraisal can only be done by a certified jewelry appraiser. Besides having experience in the field, the appraiser you use should be a Graduate Gemologist(GG). They should also be a member of recognized organizations like the ASA (American Society of Appraisers) or the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers(NAJA).

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Get the jewelry valued with the help of expert professionals
At Denver Diamond Source, we have the certifications and expertise needed to do so.

Why get appraisals done at Denver Diamond Source?

Denver Diamond Source conducts the best jewelry appraisals in Denver. This is because we have an expert jewelry appraisal team led by Graduate Gemologist Mr. Bruce Chase. 

1. Appraisals are done by appointment to ensure your privacy.

2. You never have to worry about your jewelry leaving your possession.

3. You will receive an emailed copy of your appraisal and original will be       mailed to you. 

4. You will be able to see every step of the appraisal process.

Having more than 47 years of experience in the jewelry industry as a jewelry buyer and appraiser, as he is best suited to help you value your precious items at the current market rates. Your jewelry is safe with Denver Diamond Source, we take every possible precaution needed to ensure complete security for your jewelry. Having said that, the entire appraisal process is done within deadlines and at reasonable rates.

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Get a Certified Jewelry Appraisal Done by a Top Diamond Expert

At Denver Diamond Source, our team consists of top-certified diamond and jewelry appraisers. We can help you get the best possible value for your jewelry piece. You’ll be working with a trusted expert who will take the time to educate you and answer all of your questions. Buying from a gemologist will give you the knowledge to have confidence in your purchase – without the designer markup.

jewelry appraisals
Lab Grown Diamonds
Get the jewelry valued with the help of expert professionals
At Denver Diamond Source, we have the certifications and expertise needed to do so.

Why Choose Us for Your Next Jewelry Store Appraisal?

At Denver Diamond Source, we offer the best jewelry appraisals in the Denver area and its surroundings. We have a team of certified jewelry appraisers, run by Graduate Gemologist Mr. Bruce Chase. Bruce Chase has over 40 years of experience working in the jewelry and diamond industry. He and his team know all there is to know about current marketing rates and the real value behind every jewelry piece they see. When you bring your jewelry, or engagement ring to us for a certified jewelry appraisal, you can know that your jewelry is safe with us.  We take every possible precaution to ensure the complete security of every jewelry piece in our presence while doing our appraisals. 


  • Who Is the Owner of Denver Diamond Source?

    Bruce Chase is the owner of Denver Diamond Source. He has over 40 years of jewelry industry experience in the best fine jewelry stores across the United States. Bruce received his Graduate Gemology degree from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in California and a Certified Gemologist degree from the American Gem Society.

  • What Types of Jewelry Appraisals Does Denver Diamond Source Do?

    At Denver Diamond Source, our team of certified diamond and jewelry experts can help you find the true value of any type of jewelry piece; from diamonds to Gemstones. There are three different types of appraisal done by us. This includes replacement value appraisals, fair market value appraisals, and special liquidation appraisals. 

  • Can Denver Diamond Source Offer Other Jewelry Services?

    Yes, at Denver Diamond Source, we can create any jewelry piece your heart desires. Whether it is custom-designed jewelry, diamond rings, or engagement rings, we can do it all. Our team has been creating and designing unique jewelry pieces for the people of Denver, United States for decades. We only offer world-class services.

  • Where Can I Get Jewelry Appraised in Denver?

    You can get your jewelry appraised by top-rated jewelry appraisal experts, called Denver Diamond Source. Our world-class jewelry appraisal store is located in Denver, United States. We offer Jewelry appraisals for any type of jewelry you want to be valued. There is no other jewelry appraiser like us!