Why Is A Gemologist Important?

Graduate Gemologist (GIA) Bruce Chase has over 40 years of jewelry industry experience in the most prominent fine jewelry stores across the United States.

Due to his expertise with gemstones and jewelry design, you know you’ll be working with a trusted expert who will take time to educate you and answer all of your questions.  Buying from a gemologist will give you the knowledge to have confidence in your purchase.


Denver Diamond Source

Bruce founded Denver Diamond Source to better facilitate a hands-on, custom jewelry making experience for both himself and his clients. With his expertise and over 40 years of jewelry industry experience, Bruce will guide you in a comfortable setting, so that you can make the best decisions for yourself.  Whether you haven’t ever set foot in a jewelry store before or you’ve known Bruce for years, you will get Bruce’s undivided attention. 

Denver Diamond Source
Engagement Rings

We design and handcraft our custom engagement rings to be beautiful, personal, and meaningful.  From minimalist and modern to something  vintage-inspired and everything in between, we believe each ring celebrates a one-of-a-kind story.  We are here to collaborate with you to create an engagement ring that is truly yours.

How We Work

We follow a three-step process for a hassle-free custom design experience.

Discuss Your Ideas

1. Discuss Your Ideas

Whether you have a photo of exactly what you would like or you’ve never stepped foot in a jewelry store before, we’re here to tailor your experience based on you.  Bruce, with his design and gemology expertise, will discuss any ideas you have and make some suggestions of his own until a design begins to take shape.  You would be amazed at how the vaguest of ideas can bloom into a beautiful design!

2. Choose Your Gemstone

Bruce’s trained eye is here to find your perfect gemstone. More often than not, this means you’ll be picking out a diamond. We narrow down a selection according to your specifications and then provide a range of options for you to examine firsthand.  Bruce will be right by your side to inform you about the characteristics of each stone so that you’re confident in your choice.

Choose Your Gemstone
Finalize Your Design

3. Finalize Your Design

Now that you have your gemstone(s) and design, you’ll receive CADs within a few days. Let us know if any aspect of the design needs to be altered; we can resend new CADs until you’re thrilled with what you see.  A wax version of your design will be 3D printed so that you can hold it in your hands and examine every angle.  Once we have your approval, we will begin handcrafting your custom piece in our workshop!
our Collection

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