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Getting engaged is one of life’s most exceptional and unforgettable events. The ideal ring is the icing on the cake! However, with so many different types and patterns to select from, it can be tricky to know where to begin. The old standards are no longer applicable; nowadays, it is all about the person and the diamond engagement ring that expresses their style, taste, and values. There is also a sparkler to suit every budget. So, if you’re intending to propose or just want to offer your significant other some ideas on what to buy, keep reading.

1) Solitaire

A solitaire engagement ring is the most basic and conventional ring type. The word solitaire refers to the fact that there is only one stone in the pattern. A solitaire diamond is frequently put on a simple ring with a prong or claw setting to highlight its brilliance. The solitaire is a good choice if you have a subtle and elegant taste. A solitaire will go smoothly with any outfit.

2) Pave

A pavé setting is a lovely way to customize an engagement ring. The process entails inserting microscopic diamonds — or other stones – into the ring’s band. As a result, the ring catches more light and appears to sparkle on your finger. A simple option is to substitute some of the diamonds with your partner’s or child’s birthstone; it might add a distinctive twist to the design.

3) Cathedral

Because of their historic and exquisite appearance, cathedral settings have been popular for decades. This term derives from the way the shank and shoulders of the ring curve up to support the diamond. These curves are reminiscent of cathedral arches. They can be set with pavé diamonds for added glitz or left unadorned. It’s a modern engagement ring style, and express your love with it.

4) Halo

The halo engagement ring design is one of the most popular. This is because it provides a beautiful sheen while allowing the center stone to shine. A border or halo is formed around the focal stone by a series of smaller pavé-set diamonds. The halo stones reflect light back onto the center stone, making it appear brighter and sparklier.

5) Cluster

Cluster settings combine several smaller stones to get the same impression as a big diamond. As a result, they are often known as ‘illusion’ rings. As a result, they are an excellent low-cost alternative for an engagement ring. Cluster diamonds are an excellent method to increase the luster and brightness of your diamond without breaking the bank.

6) Bezel

One of the most secure ring settings is the bezel. Instead of being lifted on prongs, the gem is held in place by a metal border. The bezel setting is a good choice for an engagement ring since it reduces the chance of the stone getting damaged or falling out. Bezel engagement rings, though more costly than prong-set rings, do not require as much maintenance. This is because there are no claws that need to be maintained or tightened over time. However, because less light can penetrate the center stone, it may look smaller.

7) Tension style rings

The tension setting is named from the tension of the metal band that holds the diamond in place; the diamond seems suspended between the two sides of the shank as a result. The jeweler expertly cuts tiny grooves into the sides of the band, or shank, with the help of lasers used to calibrate the exact dimensions of the diamond, so that the diamond, or other precious stone, is literally held by the pressure of the custom-designed metal band pushing into the sides of the stone. It is a beautiful and delicate style.

8) Three-stone style

Three-stone engagement rings, sometimes known as the ‘trilogy’ form, are an immensely romantic option. This is due to the symbolic nature of the three stones. They are thought to represent the past, present, and future, or you, me, and us. Trilogy rings can be worn in many ways, depending on the size, kind, and form of the stones utilized. A huge center diamond with two smaller surrounding stones or three mid-size stones of equal size is a common choice. A modern twist on the trilogy style is to employ a color gem as the center stone, surrounded by diamonds. Whatever you choose, this design is both significant and attractive.

9) Eternity band

Eternity bands are not a specific type of setting; rather, they are a band style that is frequently used for women’s wedding rings or other special events such as anniversaries, birthdays, engagements, and Valentine’s Day.

The eternal presence of diamonds or other precious stones that embellish the whole band of the ring gives rise to the name of these bands. It is symbolized as an eternal love for your partner.

10) Custom Engagement Rings

Customized engagement rings have always been about a more personalized touch. A name engraved or a date carved or anything it can be. Make an unexpected move and go for a customized ring for your partner. It would be a symbol of your love. 

These were the diamond engagement ring styles you shall take into consideration. For any doubts or queries, experts of Denver Diamond Source are always there to help you. 

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